KYRA II Mirror (code VM183b)


Handmade rectangular mirror
Size: 130×90 cm
The presented model is made of wood lined with gold leaf combined with silver leaf and finished with coffee patina.
This model can be placed vertically or horizontally.

The mirror frame is made by beech wood (originating in Sweden) in combination with a polyester mixture.
Because it is handmade, the mirror can be customized. On request, any color can be chosen for the mirror frame, the finish can be simple or with gold and/or silver leaf and the patina can be coffee, bordeaux or black.
The mirror crystal is 4 or 5 mm thick and is available in 3 variants: crystal, antique crystal and fyme crystal.

Delivery term: 4 weeks from the order date.
Payment: the fully payment will be made at the qualitative and quantitative reception of the products.
Gold Warranty is 20 years and is issued on the basis of the unique series engraved on each console.

Categorie: MIRRORS