The mirrors installation:

Any room is completly transformed by a mirror because it has the power to bring the light and they can change an simple decor into a spectacular one. Thanks to them, the surrounding objects get new meanings and new reflections.

Our mirrors are designed to be hung or leaned against the wall, depending on the model and your preference.
Do not glue the mirrors to the wall because in order to identify the product, the unique series is stamped on the back of the frame. You may lose the warranty if the hologram with the unique series is damaged.

For hanging the mirror under maximum safety conditions and in order to perform a correct installation and an perfect alignment of a mirror with the rest of the objects in a room, we recommend that you call a professional.
Consider the materials of the wall where you are about to hang or lean the mirror.
For mirrors that are suitable for hanging, consider the size, thickness and weight of the object when choosing the fastening method and type of fittings. Experts recommend that each hook on the back of the mirror corresponds to another one very well anchored in the wall.
When installing the mirror, consider the inclination. Specialists also recommend that the mirror hanging is carried out by a slight lift from the wall with a downward inclination so as to reflect as much of the room space as possible.

Maintenance of mirrors and consoles:

In order to protect your mirror or your console and to enjoy your acquisition for as many years as possible, we suggest that you follow the instructions presented below:
• Do not allow liquids to interact with the mirror or console. Absorption of liquids causes swelling of wood. Any stain of liquid should be wiped off immediately with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid friction.
• Do not leave the mirror or the console exposed directly to the natural light of the sun, near heat or moisture sources or under open windows. Direct exposure to sunlight may cause color degradation. Extreme changes in temperature and humidity can cause wood cracks and the ripping of finishes. Mirrors or consoles should be preferably kept indoor with constant temperature of 15-30 degrees Celsius, and relative air humidity of 40-65%.
• Do not place the mirror or the console near any heat sources such as radiators, heaters. The safety distance is 1 meter.
• Do not place rubber or plastic objects on the console surface. Rubber or plastic chemicals may cause a reaction with the console finishes if left in contact for long time. To avoid traces from these objects, place them on a piece of cloth.
• Do not place hot objects on the console surface. Always use a table napkin / tablecloth before laying hot containers on the console surface.
• Clean only with a soft, dry cloth made of fabric. Do not use alcohol-containing products, bleaches, acetone, detergents, do not dry with an electric dryer, or use chemical or abrasive cleaners.
• Check the horizontal level of the surface on which you place the console.
• Do not store other heavy weight products above the console.
• Do not operate on mirror or console surfaces with harsh objects (knife, cutter, nail, etc.). Avoid unpacking using sharp or hard objects.
• Avoid direct writing or bonding of other materials on the surface of the mirror or console, to prevent traces and scratches.