The warranty of the purchased products is granted in accordance with the laws in force at the purchase date of the mirror or the console. The warranty relates only to product deficiencies caused to manufacturing defects or hidden defects and loses its validity in case of improper use of the products.
Our company offers Gold Warranty for a period of 20 years which begins  the goods reception date. For full details, please read Gold Warranty granting conditions presented below.

The product is considered non-compliant if it does not have the same qualities and features as described in the Order Form. We assume liability if the lack of conformity of the product occurs within 20 years from the product reception date and the purchaser notifies us of the lack of conformity within 10 days of the date of its finding.

All products are accompanied by the Warranty Certificate with unique series and also by  invoice. The purchaser agrees that handmade and hand-painted products cannot be manufactured identically as texture and shades obtained by applying different finishes. These are not considered quality defects. In the event of any defects, the purchaser shall send a notification to e-mail adress office@victoriasmirror.ro, accompanied by the invoice, by the Warranty Certificate (scanned) and also by photos of the product considered defective. Our company undertakes to repair or replace the products within a reasonable period of time, during the warranty, in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

Terms and Conditions for Gold Warrany granting:

The warranty period is 20 years, calculated from the product reception date. The warranty period is extended with the period during which the product undergoes repairs.
When replacing a product with a new one, the latter is granted the full warranty period of the new product.

The warranty provides for repair or replacement of the product at no extra cost for the purchaser.
The warranty is granted for products that will be used normally and under normal conditions, for the purpose for which they were manufactured, taking into account that these products will get used over the years under normal conditions of use. The products are considered to be commonly used in compliance with operating conditions, within 40-65% relative humidity and 15-30 degrees Celsius.

The warranty is not granted under the following conditions:
• Failure to identify the product as a result of damaging the hologram containing the unique series sramped on the back of the mirror and the console frame;
• Occurrence of defects after receiving the product as a result of: handling, transport and installation services performed by the purchaser or third parties;
• Changing the color of the product due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, other heat sources or water, color transferring from an object (plastic, chemicals, cosmetics) that has come into contact with the damaged product;
• Drilling, sticking of other parts or materials on the product;
• Breaking or scratching as a result of hitting / tampering by the purchaser;
• Defects due to moisture, cleaning with inadequate cleaning products, improper use of the products other than those for which the product was designed, tested and manufactured;
• Defects resulting from improper storage conditions at the purchaser;
• Dyeing of the product by the purchaser or purchaser intervention on the mirror or console with additional lacquers or dyes.

To protect your mirror or console, please be aware that the following actions are strictly forbidden:
• unpacking using sharp or hard objects;
• cutting or scratching the materials;
• rubbing against other surfaces or abrasive substances (cleaners);
• using or keeping products in wet environments or temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius as well as in environments with high temperature variations;
• placing the product near heat sources (safety distance is 1 m);
• use of the cleaning products containing acids, oil, gas, detergents, chemical solvents or alcohol;
• exposure of the products to direct sunlight, or to open windows;
• watering the products;
• using the mirrors or the consoles for other than the intended purposes.