VICTORIA’S MIRROR is a concept based on elegance, refinement and quality, developed on the luxury segment, which offers an amazing collection of 100% handmade MIRRORS AND CONSOLES, finished to the highest quality standard.

We are craftsmen with tradition, our first workshop was set up in Greece, in 1962 and we are successfully operating in the field of manufacture of mirrors and interior furniture. In the over 57 years of activity, in our workshops in Italy and Greece, we have gained the necessary experience and we have learned to improve our technique to perfection in order to create perfect mirrors and consoles, unique objects which we gladly provide to our customers.

We work in partnership with competent vendors, who are rigorously selected by our craftsmen. Our products are made of durable and quality materials. The crystal is made in Belgium and has 100% clarity, and the mirror and the console frames are made of beech wood in combination with polyester mixture. The Consoles countertop can be made of wood, stone or glass. We emphasize that all finishes are handmade.


Our mission is to provide you collectible mirrors and consoles, luxury handmade decorative accessories which will make the difference. We strive so that the mirror or console you choose be an attractive and unique element which will give class and refinement to the space where you choose to exhibit them and which represents you.

We sell customized MIRRORS AND CONSOLES, and you can take part in creating and customizing them. Although we have several models we can offer you, you can choose the frame color for each ordered mirror or console, and add additional decorations that will bring special personality to the products. You can choose from the list of decorative objects made available by our craftsmen any other item you want to integrate as decoration.

We sell mirrors and consoles that we are proud of, we strongly believe in them and promote them with confidence as they are quality objects with special design masterfully manufactured by our craftsmen from Italy and Greece.

You can see VICTORIA’S MIRROR mirrors and consoles before placing the order. Several models, as well as samples of the frames and crystal used, are displayed in the Rocas Decor showrooms in Romania (Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Sibiu) and Hungary (Budapest).

Visit HOW IT’S MADE to discover the finishing process of our VICTORIA’S MIRROR products.

Our products are exported all over the world.


VICTORIA’S MIRROR consoles and mirrors have a identity and are 100% handmade and hand-finished.

Each model is unique and recognizable. The frame of the VICTORIA’S MIRROR products is marked with a unique series, based on which each mirror or console can be identified at any time and based on which Warranty Certificate is issued.

Our company offers Gold Warranty over a period of 20 years from the  product purchase date.